Roadmaps are never static. Priorities shift. Deadlines extend and contract. And new initiatives are always being added. We want to ensure you can quickly adjust your roadmap in tune with product changes, customer feedback, and business goals.

You can now use keyboard shortcuts on List View to quickly and easily reorganize your roadmap based on changes in your development cycle. Push multiple initiatives into the next column using the arrow keys, or delete a group of items you’ve removed from your roadmap entirely.

We’ve also heard from our users that exporting their roadmaps is often just as important as creating them, so we’ve overhauled our export flow to make it easier to include your roadmap in a slide deck or other documents.

The full details of this week’s release can be found below:


  • You can now export your roadmap in whatever slide ratio you need
    • Access new size/ratio options for different use cases. These include:
      • Default – We give you the best looking image we can. It’s final resolution is based on the content of the roadmap
      • 16:9 – Sets the wrapper around the export so that the final image’s resolution adheres to a 16:9 aspect ratio
      • 4:3 – Sets the wrapper around the export so that the final image’s resolution adheres to a 4:3 aspect ratio
    • The live preview view for exports has been improved. You can more clearly see what you are exporting via a new background and content scaling
    • We’ve added new minimum width behaviors for the overall image and time increments. This ensures your final image is still easy to read even when displaying a lot of content
  • Keyboard actions and shortcuts are now available in List View 
    • This includes horizontal keyboard movement in date based List Views 
    • You can also bulk delete via backspace/delete in both tag based and date based list views


  • You can now bulk select/de-select your roadmaps in the notification settings
  • You can now multi select bars in List View using the right click menu

Bug Fixes

  • We’ve fixed a variety of smaller performance issues and display errors occurring within Table View
  • We also fixed an issue where bars would not properly update after a sync if the new dates were outside of a timeline’s view