• Azure DevOps imports can now be scheduled
  • Improved Export functionality
    • Clicking “Export” now shows a menu with PNG/PDF/XLS options
      • Clicking PNG/PDF opens a new tab
      • Clicking XLS immediately downloads the file with Toasts for feedback
    • The Export sidebar respects the new menu selection
    • XLS is now an Export option for Lists
  • Users in List View (tag or date) are now able to select multiple bars and drag them across time and space (or in tag based views – just across space) to new locations (Beta)!
    • Some important notes:
      • Dragging and dropping multiple bars will consolidate the bars/containers to the cell they are moved to. Spanned containers will move to the single cell location. In tag views, you can select a single instance of a container/bar even if it is spanned, but moving it down lanes will also move other instances of that container/bar across lanes
      • Tag based views do not have Undo/Redo
      • Custom Ordering is not currently respected on drag and drop, and in some cases, undo/redo in dates will not put them back
      • Ghosted containers will only select all contained items in that lane for tag based views. Although it will not show as selected, you can still drag it. Ghosted containers are based on context, and therefore will remain ghosted on drag and drop (unless moved to a column where they have the tag).



  • “My Roadmaps” / “My Portfolio Views” will also include user’s folders and folders that contain roadmaps and portfolio views owned by the user.