• Easily toggle between layouts on your roadmap! For compatible styles, easily view your roadmap as a list or timeline layout. Note: The default configuration is what will display when the roadmap is shared directly or via URL. The ability to toggle will be available for editors on all child views, but will not update the default configuration.
  • Milestones available on consolidated master plans. The combination of tags on milestones, and consolidating lanes in a Master Plan based on roadmap or lane name, is a powerful way to display a very targeted view of your roadmaps for stakeholders.
  • When items are imported from Jira, labels will be brought in as tags. Bring in what matters from the start, labels that exist on Jira issues will be viewable as tags in the parking lot.

Bug Fixes/Enhancements

  • Minor improvements to the new MS Teams integration, including the ability for editors to see and edit the assigned webhook on roadmaps they do not own and improved error messaging for invalid webhooks.