What is the Learning Center?

Victoria Fitoussi
Content Marketing Manager at ProductPlan

Learning Center

Our library of content helps thousands upon thousands of product people every month continue their education and understanding of the product space, thought-leadership, best practices, and trends, all for free. You’ll find over 500 blogs and articles, 250 glossary terms, 50+ webinars, 30 books/guides, 15 checklists, and counting live in the Learning Center.

Educating the product community has been a core tenet of ProductPlan for nearly a decade, and we’re so excited to revamp the experience to empower you with better product education.

What is ProductPlan’s Learning Center?

The Learning Center is the central hub of ProductPlan’s content to educate the product community on best practices and industry trends. Similar to Google Search, you can search for anything product management-related. For instance, we have content on topics from product strategy examples to Agile, presenting a roadmap to stakeholders, change management, and so much more. Of course, if you seek best practices for using ProductPlan’s roadmap platform, you’ll also find tips in the Learning Center. 

You can find light, skimmable reading, more extended downloadable readings, in-depth webinars, and quick video tutorials. You can also filter by a category you’re interested in, like roadmap and roadmap management, product leadership, and Agile or development. Finally, you can also filter by your skill level (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) to elevate your educational journey.

What’s happening to the ProductPlan blog?

The ProductPlan blog is also still live. As such, you will find pieces on ProductPlan’s culture, thought leadership, and product releases on the blog.

Our Most Popular Pieces of Content to Get Started

Dive in and explore the pieces that readers keep coming back to. 

Learning Center Takeaways

Finally, the Learning Center hub is easy to navigate to find your favorite product management topics in one place. Let us know your favorite piece of content you’ve read in the Learning Center in the comments below.