“Multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter from Senegal,
NDIOBA doesn’t just play the bass with an infectious groove.
He also has a knack for melody and a beautiful voice.“
– Music4You

Ndioba Gueye is a Senegalese bass player, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.
He shares his time between Helsinki, Tallinn, Paris and Dakar.

At early age, Ndioba was exposed to many various music genres. Back in the 1980s, he started playing bass with a local band in Dakar that was often called to opening the concerts of international Senegalese rising star Youssou N’Dour. In that vest, he was noticed by Finnish guitarist and producer Hasse Walli who had seriously gotten into African music. Soon Ndioba was asked to join Hasse Walli’s modern Mbalax band called Asamaan. The band became a very strong act in Scandinavia and the Nordic countries in the beginning of the nineties. Ndioba contributed to several songs on the album Teranga (1993). The song ‘Bamba’ reached N. 9 in the European World Music Charts. After his experience with Asamaan, it did not take much for Ndioba to become one of the most on-demand African bass players of Finland.

Despite these were still hard times to be fully accepted as a foreigner, very fast Ndioba went on to become a regular on the Finnish music scene playing and touring with artists/bands such as

Piirpauke, Aika Kone, Sami Saari, Tino Sing, Irina, Nicole Willis, Jimi Tenor, Greg Overton, Charles Edward Salter, Sany Dier, Jimmy Lowson, Aki Sirkesalo, Good People Big Band, The Higher Ground Gospel Project.

Ndioba also contributed to the albums of legend guitarist Jason Carter, saxophonist and world music bands Zero Drama and Stilimba.

In Estonia, artists like Villu Veski, Sofia Rubina, Tiit Kikas, and Raul Vaigla have highly enjoyed Ndioba’s collaboration.

Ndioba’s debut album Don’t Go came out in 2012, and was directly followed by some touring in Senegal, Finland and the neighboring countries where Ndioba has been several times featured on national TV to present his own works and to talk about African contemporary music.

Over all these years, while living in Finland, Ndioba has played and toured internationally as bass player with artists like

Tony Momrelle (Incognito) Freddy Moffett, Kora Green, Macy Gray (Beyonce), Manu Guerrero (Celine Dion), Kenny Garrett (Miles Davis, Marcus Miller, Herbie Hancock), Kiala & Udoh (Fela Kuti Band), Tony Allen, and Italian saxophonist Guglielmo Panozzi.

In Senegal, Ndioba often appears on TV and radio programs, takes part in local jam sessions, and occasionally performs with popular artists like

Dial Mbaye, Lamine Maiga, Yoro Ndiaye, Diogal Sakho, Amy Cole Dieng, Falou Dieng, Soda Mama, Number One Band – to name a few. His fellow friends include (Felix Sabal, Maki Colehmainen (Aika Kone), Richard Bona, Diogal Sakho, Kenny Garrett, Guglielmo Panozzi, Tony Momrelle (Icognito), Tony Allen, Freddy Moffett).

Ndioba is working on a new album that will be released in 2019.

Most of the tracks are recorded both in Finland, Denmark, Gambia and Senegal.
The songs embrace a variety of musical styles mixed up with West African culture and influenced by Ndioba’s multicultural experience.

Ndioba is endorsed by EBS Sweden AB 

After many years of searching and trying many different amps, says Ndioba, I finally found my dream sound on EBS, and the most amazing thing for me is the fact that you can get a really warm, clear, punchy and powerful sound.